Why Vegan

We’ve compiled a list of the best free vegan resources on the web!

Surf through these pages and you’ll soon be on your way to a more compassionate, environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle.

What is a vegan?
A vegan is someone who abstains from eating and using any products made from animals or animal products or products that have involved the use and suffering of animals.
Vegans do not eat:
– Meat
– Dairy
– Eggs
– Honey
– Any derivatives of these products
Vegans do not wear:
– Leather
– Suede
– Wool
– Silk
– Any product made from animals or animal products
Vegans do not use:
– Animal tested products
– Beauty/household and other products which have animal and animal product ingredients

Why vegan:
“More than 56 billion animals are killed every year for flesh, dairy, and eggs”  Vegan Kit.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in this country have already taken that last step into a completely cruelty-free lifestyle…”  Viva!.

When you add up the damage that the meat industry does to our health, the environment, and animals, the question isn’t really “Why should I go vegan?”—it’s “Why wouldn’t I go vegan?”  Peta.

“Preventing the exploitation of animals is not the only reason for becoming vegan…”  The Vegan Society.

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Shopping guides:
– The L-Plate Vegan
– Accidentally Vegan Snacks
– How to Shop Vegan at Tesco
– Lists of Vegan Items in UK Supermarkets 

– Vegan Recipe Club
– The Vegan Society Recipes
– 15 Minute Vegan Recipes

Animal issues:

Environmental issues:

Health issues:

Best Vegan Blogs:
– Viva! Blogs
– Jade Green Vegan
– Simple Vegan Blog
– Fat Gay Vegan
– Little Miss Meat Free

Vegan Stores Online:

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