Reply to adverts listing dogs as ‘free on Gumtree and other free advert websites. You can also join the Get Gumtree Animal Free Campaign.

Use this template, copy and paste or edit yourself. Try and be polite as we want the advertisers to come around to our way of thinking, for the safety of their dogs. It may be easier for you to use the Protect a Pup email when replying to adverts as owners may reply seeking more information or help – use We can use our resources to help the dogs in the most vulnerable positions.

Please share on social media, the more of us doing this the more impact we will have and the more animals we will save.

Hi, I am replying to your advert about your dog

Please be aware that dogs listed as free on free ad websites are at a very real risk of becoming breeding machines, tortured, neglected or used as bait animals by dog fighters. Please see this recent news story of a dog who was tortured and killed by a seemingly ‘nice couple’…

This is a quote from a dog fighter
“The hardest thing is to get enough dogs and cats to use as bait during training. One good source is to check the local newspapers for ads that offer a pet dog or cat for free…My wife dresses up neatly and collects them for me. If that source is running dry, …I just hire some local gang kids to fetch me some dogs and cats. They scour the backyards and alleys….”

There is something you can do, you can change your circumstances to enable yourself to follow through on the commitment you made when you first took this dog on. If you really cannot find a way to care for your dog please contact your local rescue kennels or animal sanctaury and explain your situation. Registered charities and ‘not for profits’ will provide home checks to potential homes to ensure your dog/s go to a genuine loving home. A simple Google search will bring up results in your area.

You can access free neutering and help to feed your dog/s if you are falling on hard times from Protect a Pup

If you have received suspicious emails and telephone calls regarding your dog/s please report it to pup at (please add the @ sign)

Thank you for reading