Free Neuters

We are currently neutering dogs for free in Filwood & Knowle, Bristol.
If you live outside of these areas, please get in touch. Funds are limited but we may be able to help.

Prevent unwanted pups by having your dog/s neutered and  give abandoned dogs a chance.
We will find a low cost/free neutering service in your area, if there isn’t one we will use your vet and ask if you can cover any of the cost, we will either pay the difference or pay the full bill depending on your circumstances. If we need to use your local vet we will ask if they will give Protect a Pup a discount.

We can microchip your dog for free.

Of the 110,675 stray dogs who were taken into local authority care in 2014 – 49,964 were reunited with their owners but only 10,084 because of a microchip. Help your dog find his or her way home by microchipping. The last thing anyone wants is for it to be too late and to find that your dog has already been euthanised. Sign the petition here against the local authority statutory kennelling period – currently set to 7 days.

Free dog food

We help families facing financial hardships to feed their dogs. Protect understands during this difficult economic climate that it can be very hard to feed the whole family a well balanced and nutritious diet – including your dog. We want to support dogs to keep them in the happy homes they’ve always known. We offer free food, free advice, free collars, leads, dog bowls and blankets.

Call the low cost & free neuter hotline: 07731482121